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Our Core Products

Bare Metal Servers

High-End CPU & RAM

IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

Dual Stack BYOIP

IPMI Access

Upto 100Gbit/Sec

Internet Exchange Access

Starting From 33$ / m

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IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

Feed A+B 208v

Remote IPMI

Dual Stack BYOIP

Upto 100Gbit/Sec

Internet Exchange Access

Starting From 140$ / m

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BGP/IP Transit

Bring Your Own IP

Support for IPv4 and IPv6

Full Tables or Default

Full Communities support

Downstream support

Upto 100Gbit/Sec

Starting From 59.9$ / m

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Why F4 Networks?


Our enterprise hardware are optimized to deliver excellent performance.


We own and manage our own enterprise hardware, helping us provide affordable pricing on our services.

Friendly Support

Excellent support, from technical issues to billing, feel free to reach out. We are here for you!


Worry less about downtime, our enterprise hardware, data centers and services are graded for high reliability.


Our transit and direct peering help keep your network optimal for any workload.

Multiple Locations

We offer multiple locations to keep your latency to a minimum.

BGP Hobbyist

We offer free BGP transit, whether you are looking to bring your IP addresses or you are a BGP hobbyist looking to peer.


Our data-centers are CCTV protected and houses 24x7 on site security personnel with biometric access.


We are able to easily scale your application, on request, according to your demand.

Need a custom solution?

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